About Us


A Dedicated Team

Our amazing team of volunteers - yes volunteers, are committed to helping our native wildlife. We take our passion and turn it into action. See our contact page for more information! 

Our History

    A.H.W.F. is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization and an Idaho State nonprofit incorporation. We have wildlife rehabilitation permits from the Department of the Interior U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Migratory Bird Department and the State of Idaho Fish and Game Department. We work closely with nearby licensed raptor and ungulate specialists. 

   Our lead animal care volunteer (and co-founder) has been a member of the National Wildlife Rehabilitators Association, the International Rehabilitation Council, the American Association of Zookeepers. Additionally has completed extensive course study in various aspects of wildlife as well as experience from five animal facilities across the nation. 

AHWF began from a vision the founder had in 2001 and continues to day because of the belief of the community of wildlife enthusiasts.  The goal is to create the first nature center in the panhandle. We have acquired the required state and federal permits allowing possession of assorted animal artifacts to be used as teaching items on our Nature Walk and during educational outreach presentations. 


North Idaho's wildlife is our mission

American Heritage Wildlife Foundation works towards the preservation of all wildlife through rehabilitation and community education.  This takes place because of thousands of volunteer hours. 

We are working to create the first Inland Pacific Northwest Nature Center. 

Required federal and state permits have been acquired allowing the use of animal artifacts as tracing devices. We anticipate the grand opening of the Nature walk - guided pathway on Earth Day 2020.   

Find out how you can get the involved on our contact us page.


When you give, They live. Together we keep North Idaho wild. Find the membership forms and more in the downloadable files sections.


Sponsor a Patient

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Will you help pay the cost of care for our  native wild animals be they furred, feathered, scaled or skinned who are needing rehabilitative care for injuries, illness, & other life threatening traumas?  AHWF is 100% community supported - you are vital . Average cost $200 per patient.

Introduction Video

Watch and discover just how vital your support is to local native wildlife of North Idaho. 

Audio tract Loreena McKennitt - the lark in the clear aire. 

Not exactly a raffle raffles

The fifth annual clean comedy show and silent auction will not take place this year. We need your help.