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Projects & Programs


Working to keep Idaho’s Panhandle WILD!

Text Box: We’re always working on some type of project! 

Improvement of the existing Raccoon enclosure. 
New roof over the animal infirmary room. 
Expansion of the aviary building. 
Creation of two exterior ‘waterbird’ yards.    
Creation of a large exterior yard for larger mammal species.
Creation of a small mammal exterior yard. 
Start designing the Nature Walk trail on site. 
Thanks to a wonderful grant in 2014-2015 we were  able to complete a large five bay aviary. This is such a wonderful addition.
New exterior sign created. 
Replacement of the animal infirmary room floor.
If you are interested in helping with future projects or can donate some of your time please contact us for details. 

24 foot by 32 foot aviary

Future Projects include: 
Construction of Large Game Mammal enclosures
Completion of the Nature Walk at AHWF
A Classroom Building & Intern housing

Phone: (208)266.1488        Email: ahwf@sandpoint.net


MAIL: 59895 Hwy 200 Clark Fork ID 83811



Do not attempt to rehab the animal yourself...it is illegal & special care is required for long term survival! 

Text Box: AHWF is pleased to offer our community                                                    a variety of Educational Demonstrations. 
One of our volunteers will be happy to arrive                                                at your school or group meeting and provide a fact                             filled power point presentation on your choice of 20+                       wilderness topics relevant to the Pacific Inland Northwest. 
Call to schedule  208.266.1488
AHWF & our vision - working to keep North Idaho wild! 
Habitat - details of the 7 components required                              
Native Neighbors -  basic overview of common species 
Nocturnal Sounds -  find out who lives in the dark
Winged Predators - birds of prey, owls, and others 
Migratory Birds - identify those that fly away
Non-migratory Birds - identify which are residents
Water Birds - identity those that live on/near water  
Predators - the carnivores        &        Prey - mammal species 
Indicator Species - scales, skin & slime    
Flora and Fauna - a match made in heaven (for KNPS)
Wild Babies - to rescue or not to rescue 
Oh Rats! - information of all the members of the rodent family 
Conservation - steps that can be taken 
Invertebrates - the insect world aka ‘what bugs you?’ 
Code Black - why local wildlife needs you now!
Move It! - live traps are not the answer to relocate native neighbors.
Myths, Fallacy & Folklore - (still under construction) 
Bird Beaks as Tools 
Where the wild things are – whole habitats are required for survival. (with KLT) 
Who’s your favorite? – brief overview of some native neighbors. (for PAS)
R.E.S.P.E.C.T. – do you value all species? (at Spt. Veg.)
Teamwork – veterinary medicine & wildlife rehabilitation (NIAH)
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Storybooks! Storybooks

Illustrated Children's Books:

We have written several books for the dual purpose of educating all ages in an entertaining way and offering another means for fundraising. Read a portion on Google search or visit the local libraries. Each book is available in print or e-book. They are found at many North Idaho locations & online sites. Each vendor sets their price. We keep copies at our AHWF facility also. 


Printed copies are available through local stores: in Sandpoint go to Vanderfords. In Bonners Ferry go to Bonner Books. In Montana contact BeAbelTwo wood crafts. We also have copies for sale at each of our AHWF public awareness booths. Buy them online at lulu.com, Amazon.com and various E-books formats.




 'Loggers Story'  an orphaned fawn.  Written by Tracy Ann & illustrated by K. St. Clair  Published at lulu.com

Logger Returns the continuing adventures of our white tailed deer friend. Written & illustrated by Mrs. McGee  

Logger makes new friends’ Written & illustrated by Mrs. McGee Published at lulu.com

‘Fun Time with Logger’ A wilderness activity book. Games and illustrations by Mrs. McGee Published at lulu.com 

‘Adventures of a Wildlife Special Agent’ A choose your own adventure story. Written by Mrs. McGee @ lulu.com


 Logger is a white tailed deer fawn. His story begins with his time in the wild, then at a nature center and his release. He experiences many new things in the wild including danger and meeting many special friends. He learns many lessons, which inspired the activity book of crossword puzzles, dot to dot, nature bingo, word search, find the animal out of place, color by number song birds and more. The choose your own adventure book is written from a USFWS agent point of view and the adventures experienced while in the wilderness.

These books are written to spark imagination & give life lessons.


(some available locally, others online, as well at our awareness booths) 

Wonderful volunteers and supporters of American Heritage Wildlife Foundation have created items.

If you see something you like—contact us and we can discuss availability with the craftsman.   

 Animals of the Earth

A wide variety of striking Animal Photos on Natural Slate (or your choice to be custom made upon request).  Online price: $10.00. For Sale at the Green Door 265.9922 and at AHWF 266.1488. (One EAGLE is on display at the Clark Fork Lodge)


They will accent your home as wall hangings or table tops using plate holders. 

BAT & BIRD Houses Call to place your order or request plans.    

We are taking orders for Bat Houses. These houses are built per Bat Conservation International recommendations. Single or Colony size will be available.

We are taking orders for Bird Houses. There are many sizes to choose from depending upon the species desired to attract. We have researched the specifications for songbirds, waterfowl, and owls.

Walking Sticks

Hand-hewn  Cedar: Unique Shapes & Sizes- double coated urethane & weather resistant. Lots of charm & character to each stick! AHWF facility stock is priced: $20.00 plus shipping. @ Green Door Studio in Sagle as well

Cedar Scenes’ art creations  on display at AHWF

Birch houses, butterflies, flying birds, head bands and animal hats, neck cowls, scarves, survival bracelets, dog collars, feather earrings 

Financial:     We hope your questions have been answered about our 501(c)3 non profit organization at this site but if not please do not hesitate to contact us! A full page annual report is available for your review in the format of your choice: email, cd, floppy, or printed. We also have copies of our IRS form 990's. (we are working to link you to the documents, sorry for the inconvenience.)